1. What we believe in? • We believe in love, friendship, respect, empathy & diversity. • We also believe Arab dating should be better; and although we are far from perfect we are doing our best every day to provide a better product and service for everyone. 2. What is ARABIA? • ARABIA is a dating app primarily connecting Arabs around the world to form meaningful relationships. • When the founder drove to Los Angeles in search of a partner he realized a gap and need that many Arabs living outside the country are facing; and that is finding love and a lifetime partner preferably with the same culture and background. • Our mission: is to connect Arabs around the world to form meaningful relationships. • Our vision: is to enhance the Arab dating experience for everyone. 3. What does Arabia mean? • The term “Arabia” is a peninsula between the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf; includes Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, and the United Arab Emirates… 4. How does it work? • You can the filter the users by clicking on the icon on the top right based on (ASL) age, sex & location. • You can swipe right (Like) or left (Nope) on every profile. • The users who both receive a right swipe (Like) from each other will match. • You can then view your matches and message them using the messaging icon on the bottom right. 5. How do I join? • You can download the app via App store (iOS) and Google Play store (Android). • You can then register using your Apple ID, Facebook, Email or Cell number. • Once you complete all the information you can use the service and start swiping. • Please note invalid/inappropriate photos, non-sense bios, fake accounts will be immediately removed and in some cases blocked from being able to re-register. Our users experience, time & safety is our biggest priority hence we kindly ask everyone to keep things real, fun, friendly and professional. 6. How do I edit my profile? • After creating a profile you can click on the bottom left Profile icon and edit your Basic Info, Bio, Photos & Interests. 7. How does messaging work? • Once you match with a user meaning both parties have Liked (Swiped Right) on each other’s photos, you can send a message right away or click on the messaging icon on the bottom right to start chatting. 8. Can I edit/delete a message? • Only Gold Members (ArabiaGold) can edit or unsend/delete a message. 9. Can I send photos/voice with a user I matched with? • Only Gold Members (ArabiaGold) can send photos & voice. 10. Why are photos/voice sent via messages deleted after seen/played once? • Our messaging feature enables only temporary picture/voice sharing. • We also discourage/prevent screenshots. 11. Can I make phone calls or video calls with a user I matched with? • Only Gold Members (ArabiaGold) can make phone/video calls to only users they match with. 12. How can I unmatch/block/report someone? You can Unmatch or Report & Block: • In the swipe stack: by clicking on the Report link on the bottom of each profile. • On users profile: by clicking on the top right 3 dots icon when you view their profile via messaging. 13. I accidentally unmatched someone, what now? • Unfortunately neither of you can re-match anymore. 14. Can I undo a Like, Nope, SuperLike? • You can undo one step for a Like, Nope, SuperLike using the back icon on the top left. • This feature can be used multiple times however, it will only undo one step. Meaning it will undo your last action only. 15. Subscription Renewal? • Subscription will automatically be renewed. 16. What is Arabs Worldwide? • It’s a filter that shows: Hot, Popular, New, Nearby members • You can view Arabs Worldwide by clicking on the globe icon on the top right corner 17. Who are Hot & Popular members? • Hot members: are the featured members who purchased “ArabiaOnFire – Worldwide” • Popular members: are the members who received the most SuperLikes within the past 30 days 18. What is ArabiaGold Membership? • ArabiaGold is our Gold membership which allows users to unlock extra features such as: o Gold Profile: Adds a gold border on to your profile picture o Read Receipts: Displays a  for sent and a  for read messages o Edit Messages: Allows you to edit messages at anytime o Unsend Messages: Allows you to unsend messages at anytime o Share Photos: Allows you to share temporary photos that can only be viewed once o Enable Voice: Allows you to send temporary voice messages o Enable Call: Allows you to make phone calls o Enable Video: Allows you to make video calls without sharing your number 19. What are SuperLikes? • SuperLikes boosts your Likes. When the user you SuperLiked uses the app they will see your profile pop up. This will ensure your profile is seen right away on their next login. 20. What is ArabiaOnFire booster? • It’s an add-on feature that boosts your profile in order to be seen more. • There are 2 types: • Local booster: Boosts your profile within your area/country and priorities your profile in the swipe stack for 24 hours • Worldwide booster: Boosts your profile all around the world for 24 hours and also lists your profile under the Hot section under Arabs Worldwide (the globe icon on the top right) 21. How do I cancel my ArabiaGold membership? • To cancel your subscription using your iPhone: o Open your iPhone Settings o Click on your name, then click Subscriptions o Select the subscription you want to cancel o Click Cancel Subscription o For more guidance or support on cancelling your subscription, please refer to Apple Support • To cancel your subscription using your Android phone: o Open the Google Play app o At the top right, tap the profile icon o Click on Payments & Subscriptions, and then Subscriptions o Select the subscription you want to cancel o Click on Cancel Subscription 22. Why was one of my photos removed? • We do not allow inappropriate, fake, nude, photos of others (including celebrities), copyrighted or any advertisement photos/material. If you believe your photo was removed by mistake please contact us. 23. Why was my bio edited/removed? • In the bio section please write a little about yourself and/or what you are looking for. Please avoid writing anything else: (i.e. random characters, gibberish, ads etc…) • If you believe your bio was edited/removed by mistake please contact us. 24. Do I have to pay for ARABIA or is it free? • ARABIA is free to download and use. • We also offer an optional subscription package ArabiaGold and single/multiple-use paid services ArabiaOnFire, SuperLike unlocking extra features. 25. How can I contact ARABIA support? • You may email us at [email protected] or also send us a message via our social platform such as Instagram (@ArabiaApp). 26. How can I delete my profile?
    • To delete your profile please click on the bottom left profile icon using the app, and then click on the top right setting icon. You will then see the Delete account link at the very bottom.